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Jigsaw - Resources for Parents in supporting young peoples mental health 🧠

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Jigsaw are running a number of courses for parents all centred around giving them better knowledge around youth mental health, the issues impacting the mental health and well being of young people, how to support young people to manage anxiety, self care during the winter and supporting young people who may be struggling with their mental health at school along with loads of other webinars!

They also have support resources for parents where they can ask questions anonymously and these questions will be answered by Jigsaw clinicians. 

They also have online supports for young people between 12-25 such as 1:1 live chats or group chats (the person will remain anonymous in the group chat and if they wish to stay anonymous in the live 1:1 chat they can do so) 

Links to the online courses can be found here:

Self Care for Parents: https://jigsaw.ie/self-care-course-for-parents/

Mental Health Awareness for Parents: https://jigsaw.ie/mental-health-awareness-course-for-parents/

Recorded Webinars for Parents (including questions from parents)

Supporting young people to manage anxiety:  https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-managing-anxiety/

Self Care during the winter months: https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-self-care-during-winter-months/

Supporting young people struggling with their mental health in school https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-struggling-with-mental-health/

Supporting young people while in lockdown: https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-supporting-young-people/

Helping Young People to Adjust to Change: https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-adjusting-to-change/

Helping Young People Manage Disappointment: https://jigsaw.ie/webinar-managing-disappointment/

Supports for Parents

Ask Jigsaw - submit your anonymous questions here https://jigsaw.ie/ask-jigsaw/

Online Supports for Young People Between 12- 25 years old

Live 1:1 Chat https://jigsaw.ie/talk-online/live-chat/

Group Chat https://jigsaw.ie/talk-online/group-chats/

Supporting young people to deal with the Coronavirus: https://jigsaw.ie/young-people-coronavirus/

Self-Care Tool for Parents: https://jigsaw.ie/snack-self-care-tool/

School Avoidance: https://jigsaw.ie/school-avoidance/

Supporting the transition to secondary school: https://jigsaw.ie/supporting-the-transition-to-secondary-school/

We hope these resource help anyone who needs them ❤️

Ahane GAA Club Health & Wellness Team 

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